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About Monster Stocks

Penny Stocks are often considered to be stocks that are traded for under $5 a share. They have become popular because of their potential to bring in massive gains with little investment (imagine a 10 cent share rising to $10.00). We analyze all the best penny stocks to watch to ensure they are suitable for our members. In addition we apply strict technical analysis as well as do comprehensive fundamental research to ensure our awesome penny stocks have the best possibility for success.

Arena Pharma (ARNA) Makes Deal For Weight-loss Drug

It is rare that stocks that are above $3 are exciting. Few expect to see fast movements like in smaller penny stocks. Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA) is making large moves and is currently in the middle of a take off. Excitement of this stock is clear through the huge increase in volume we've seen the read more

Make This Downturn Work For You!

It took the results of a survey of 5000 households to make investors realize they are too optimistic. The major indices fell over 2.5% each this morning and are looking like they will stay low for the rest of the day. This was in reaction to the announcement of The Conference Board that consumer read more

*UPDATED* Economics Troubles Can Bring You A Fortune

- **UPDATE** The top penny stocks to buy are seeing an upturn recently. This may be the opportunity investors have been waiting for. Be prepared to react quickly if the market continues up or takes another big dip! Moving averages and the MACD may be able to offer some insights in the next read more

Stock Scare: How Fear Hurts Markets

- Sometimes small mistakes can be the cause of much more extreme reactions. Many say that investors have a herd mentality, and while this is not necessarily true, there are times when the actions of the market seem indistinguishable from a fearful mob. Recently, a simple typo helped read more

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